General Dental And Preventive Dentistry – What It Entails

General dentistry is dental care for people of all ages. It incorporates diagnosis and treatment of your overall dental health. In the event that you require specialized treatment, a general dentist may refer you to a specialist to have the procedure done. Preventive dentistry on the other hand is the care of your to teeth in order to avoid gum disease, cavities and other dental problems.

Preventive care includes brushing your teeth daily with fluoride toothpaste and sometimes having periodic cleaning at the dentist’s using gels and special rinses. Daily flossing is also necessary, and in case you have braces, you can use floss threads to clean out spaces within the braces. Mouth guards used to prevent sports trauma are incorporated in preventive care. A balanced diet is a sure way of ensuring good dental health as it gives your body (teeth included) the nutrients it requires to stay in tip-top shape.

Services offered

General and preventive dentists offer a wide range of services, including dental implants, dentures, oral surgery or even treatment of gum disease. Root canal therapy is the treatment for the infection found at the centre of the tooth. This infection, which comes about due to bacteria in the mouth, gets to the tooth when a filling leaks or if the tooth is decayed. Gum disease can include simple gum soreness, or it could be the more serious form that damages the bone and tissue that support your teeth, sometimes leading to the loss of your teeth. The dentist may deal with gum disease through deep cleaning, which involves either planing the root or scaling. In extreme cases, surgery may be recommended.

Cosmetic procedures

General dental and preventive dentistry also deals with cosmetic procedures. One of these procedures is the use of invisalign, which is a modern way of straightening your teeth using aligner trays made from clear plastic. When using metal braces, a visit to the dentist means tightening of the wires but with invisalign, the dentist gives you a new set of aligners to wear. These aligners are smooth, making them very comfortable to wear.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are made from titanium, used for replacing the root of your tooth. This root can then hold an artificial tooth which replaces a missing natural tooth. To enhance your appearance, veneers may be used. They are very thin materials made from porcelain or resin, placed on your tooth’s surface. Teeth whitening procedures are also done to enhance your appearance by getting rid of discoloration from your teeth.

Dental anxiety

Dental anxiety occurs when you have a bad experience at the dentist’s, or purely due to fear and thus are anxious to go for any dental checkups or procedures. This is dangerous to your health since dental diseases can affect the rest of the body. General dental and preventive dentistry is meant to help patients with this kind of anxiety by providing effective pain control and ensuring the patient is as comfortable as possible before proceeding with any procedure.

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