Crypto Crime Down 65%, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Hails Bitcoin as ‚International Asset‘

• Crypto crime is down 65% in 2023, though ransomware is still prevalent
• BlackRock CEO Larry Fink likens crypto to ‘digitzing gold’; praises Bitcoin as an international asset
• Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest unloads $12M Coinbase shares as COIN rallies to one-year high

Crypto Crime Down 65%

Crypto crime has dropped by 65% in 2023, with ransomware still being a prevalent issue. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) denied rumors of senior executives leaving the firm due to regulatory challenges.

BlackRock Likens Crypto To ‚Digitizing Gold‘

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink praised Bitcoin as an international asset and likened it to „digitizing gold“. Bitwage halted USDC payments for US residents citing strict regulations. Valkyrie’s spot-Bitcoin ETF application was refiled with Coinbase listed as their surveillance partner.

Ark Invest Unloads $12M Coinbase Shares

Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest unloaded a total of 135,152 Coinbase shares for $12 million on July 11th. The COIN stock rallied to a one-year high of $90 on the same day, outperforming BTC which gained less than 20% during the same period.

Coinbase Role In Bitcoin ETF Applications

With several traditional financial institutions applying for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), most have chosen Coinbase as their partner for their surveillance-sharing agreement. This could be beneficial to furthering the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by institutional investors if approved.

Conclusion As cryptocurrency continues to gain more mainstream adoption and support from traditional finance institutions, more companies are looking at it as an investment opportunity or even an alternative form of currency. This article highlights some recent developments that may be indicative of positive movements in this sector in 2021 and beyond.