Cardano’s Hydra Scaling Solution Goes Live, Ethereum Gas Fees Soar

• Cardano’s hydra scaling solution goes live on mainnet as Ethereum gas fees surge.
• PEPE market cap slides below $500M as community interest shifts.
• US Chamber of Commerce sides with crypto industry, blasts SEC.

Cardano Launches Hydra Scaling Solution

Cardano has launched their new Hydra scaling solution which is now live on the mainnet. This comes as Ethereum’s gas fees continue to surge due to high demand for transactions on the network. The new solution is designed to help Cardano scale faster and more efficiently, allowing users to process more payments in less time.

Twitter Appoints New CEO

Twitter recently appointed Linda Yaccarino, a former NBC advertising executive, as their new CEO. As one of the most powerful women in media, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role which will be instrumental in helping Twitter reach its full potential.

PEPE Market Cap Slides Below $500M

The market capitalization of PEPE memecoin has dropped below $500 million as traders shift their focus away from it and onto other tokens like Milady Memecoin (LADYS). Despite this decline in value, some whales are still purchasing large amounts of PEPE tokens, suggesting that there could be renewed interest in the future.

Do Kwon Granted Bail at €400,000

Do Kwon was granted bail at €400,000 against prosecutors‘ wishes following his arrest for alleged fraud involving cryptocurrencies last month. His case continues to highlight how important it is for cryptocurrency companies and investors alike to abide by all relevant laws when handling digital assets.

US Chamber Of Commerce Sides With Crypto Industry

The US Chamber of Commerce recently sided with the crypto industry and blasted the SEC’s decision not to approve Bitcoin ETFs in a recent hearing before Congress. The chamber argued that such decisions stifle innovation and limit opportunities for US businesses looking to capitalize on emerging technologies such as blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and financial services products like ETFs