BMW Automates Business with Blockchain Loyalty Program in Thailand

• BMW has integrated blockchain solutions through BNB Chain and Coinweb to automate its operations and provide customers with blockchain loyalty programs in Thailand.
• The first phase of the integration will focus on automating business activities, particularly financial operations.
• The second phase will involve launching a new customer loyalty program using a customized Web3 app built by Coinweb.

BMW has recently announced the adoption of a blockchain-based loyalty program in Thailand, powered by Coinweb and BNB Chain. This will enable the car manufacturer to automate its operations and provide customers with rewards for their loyalty to the brand.

The integration of blockchain solutions into BMW’s operations will be divided into two phases. The first phase will focus on automating the company’s business activities, particularly its financial operations. This will be done through Coinweb, a blockchain infrastructure firm, which will provide BMW with a decentralized and efficient architecture. The BNB Chain will also be utilized in order to settle each transaction that is made.

The second phase of the blockchain integration will involve the launch of a new customer loyalty program. This program will be powered by a customized Web3 app, which will be built by Coinweb. Through this app, customers will be able to earn points for their loyalty to the brand, which can then be used to purchase products from BMW. All transactions related to this program will be settled on the BNB Chain.

The adoption of this blockchain-based loyalty program is a big move for BMW as it will not only provide customers with rewards, but also allow the company to automate its operations and provide a secure and efficient platform for its customers. This will help BMW provide its customers with a better overall experience, as well as allowing it to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world.